We have a simple philosophy behind the brand:

How do you move?


Orbit Collective is a luxury streetwear brand that curates pieces for individuals who appreciate comfort, style, and quality. Our pieces are not meant to suit one lifestyle, but rather a collective of lifestyles.
The concept of Orbit was started in 2017 when the founder noticed that his city lacked variety in the streetwear brands that were offered. As an athlete, he would travel the world and find interesting brands that offered diverse designs and unique shopping experiences, but when back in his home city, that same experience was not available. Not only did he want to create a brand, but he also wanted to convey an idea that many people like him could resonate with. To create a community of like-minded individuals who share a collective goal to make an impact in society through how they move. 
Starting as an e-commerce store, the brand quickly gained local and national attention and began to make a name for themselves in the premium streetwear market. Fast forward to 2022 post-covid, Orbit was finally able to convey their idea of creating an in-person shopping experience when they opened the doors to their Flagship store. Located at Winnipeg's Outlet Collection Mall, the store offers a variety of Orbits high-quality and unique designs while also carefully curating a selection of exclusive streetwear brands and sneakers.
Orbit continues to expand their diverse selection of innovative designs as they grow and establish themselves in the industry through the team telling their individual stories.


Our products are designed to fit into your lifestyle while expressing different styles around the globe. 


To celebrate our multiculturalism, we make clothing designs by taking inspiration from specific cultural backgrounds and geographical locations, and make streetwear targeted for the wider community. We spend countless hours testing out various designs and continue to keep up with current trends to always provide products which subtly express design elements in a way that they can be worn by anyone. We continuously provide innovative designs that are built to fit into each and every individual’s lifestyle while also celebrating that which is found in other countries around the world.